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Fishing Equipment You Need Before Your Next Adventure

When planning a fishing trip, owning the right equipment is the most important part. It could make or break your trip. So before getting away from the hustle and bustle of your life, place your online orders for basic fishing equipment. We have gathered a list of equipment you will need before setting off to bask in the sun and attempt to catch a nibble.

Fishing Check List

Unless you are a seagull, you need a fishing rod to reel in all the fish you can find. This is one

of the strongest fishing rods you can come across. The newer model is far better than the last; it is constructed with Hi-Power X and relies on diagonally wrapped carbon tape on the outermost layer of the rod, giving it much-needed strength.

St. Croix’s Legend Xtreme embodies “go big or go home.” This is their flagship series and has the best technology a dishing rod could come with. The freshwater series is their latest lineup and has a total of 11 rods, both casting, and spinning. Whatever skill level you are at, or technique and style you prefer, you would find a rod suited to your tastes.

Out of all the fishing equipment you might own, a spinning wheel might be the most complex part of your kit. Even if it’s priced on the higher end, it’s not something you should save on by choosing a cheaper alternative that is subpar at best. This spinning wheel by

Shimano has a C4+ body that’s lightweight, compact, making it easy to carry and much more rigid than its previous models. The rotation is feather-light and with a much better balance.

Carrying your fishing rods from your house to your fishing cabin isn’t an easy task. Even with large SUVs, it is tough to keep them protected and easy to access. This Flambeau fishing rod box keeps your favorite rods safe with its foam-padded basecamp that is completely enclosed.

This is a simple tackle box design that has been a fisherman’s favorite for a long time. It is weather-resistant and rugged, able to withstand harsh weather conditions while fishing. You would find seven trays inside that can be split into 59 further compartments, however you like. A locking handle and hanging bait racks are also included, giving you more than enough storage space for all your beloved fishing gear.


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