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A Hunting Checklist for Beginners

If you are new to the world of hunting, you need to first find out about all the hunting equipment you need. We understand how overwhelming it might be to figure out if no one you know has ever given it a try. Before you start stressing out and lose all your excitement, let us guide you.

Types of Hunting

First of all, you need to decide which type of hunting you are interested in; it could be small game, large game, or birds. You may also have a preference when it comes to rifle hunting or crossbow hunting. Knowing these details is important before deciding which hunting equipment to purchase.

There are different kinds of categories when it comes to hunting. Big game entails bison, boar, bear, elk, and deer. Small game has raccoons, skunks, rabbits, and squirrels. If you want to hunt birds, you could hunt pheasants, doves, and grouses. There are a few other categories of predators, furbearers, and waterfowl.

Rifle Hunting

As a beginner, rifle hunting is easier to master than bow hunting. Gripping and aiming the rifle is easier than a bow. Rifle hunting still takes a bit of practice to master. Air rifles are a great way to practice shooting and getting conformable with a rifle. An Air rifle has no recoil because it fires the pellet using Co2 ( a compressed gas). This Gamo Varmint Air Rifle is one of the best rifles you can choose when starting out and getting use to rifles.

Bow Hunting

Bow hunting gets you much closer to your prey than rifles. You need to be stealthier and have a much better aim because there would be much less power involved than a rifle. You would also need to carry a lot on your hunting trips when using bows. While choosing bows, this Barnett Whitetail is one bow that needs to be on your list.


You can’t just grab your shorts and T-shirt while going hunting. Some of the items of clothing you need to own are a camouflage jacket, hat, and pants. Rain gear is also preferable along with multiple pairs of gloves and socks in waterproof, sealed bags. Don’t forget to get some sturdy, waterproof boots.

Fire Starter Kits

This is something that does not come to mind immediately but is essential, especially for an overnight trip. The basic kit would have a lighter, matches that strike anywhere, firesteel, cotton balls with petroleum jelly, and a magnesium starter. You could just as easily get this readymade fire starter kit off of Amazon.

First Aid Supplies

This is another crucial item on your list that is not to be missed. It is never wrong to be overcautious and taking precautionary measures when going hunting. Your basic kid needs to include ointment, Band-Aids, gauze, water purification tablets, and more. You could get your first aid kit here.

Phone Essentials

If you have a solar charger on hand, it would be great to carry with you. You could even get one from Amazon here in case of an emergency or for help with larger animals. Carrying multiple phone chargers is also a wise choice. As mentioned earlier, you can never be over-prepared, especially if it is your first time.

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